The U City Residences staff and I would like to assure you that we are here to assist and help you in every possible way. Please feel free to contact us about any questions or inquiries via our website contact form or by emailing us at

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a. Proximity to the University

U City Residences is located in a quiet neighborhood just 200m off the European University campus.

b. Apartments Facilities and Furnishings

All apartments are attractively furnished to ensure pleasant, comfortable living conditions. Each apartment is fully furnished with smart TV, double bed, desk chair, closet, chest of drawers and mattress. Each apartment has its own kitchen equipped with oven, hob and microwave oven, an en-suite bathroom and of course, private balcony with coffee table and chairs.

All apartments have air conditioning units with cold and hot air.

You will need to bring your own bed linen, toiletries, cutlery and cooking utensils.

All apartments are rented to be used as single person accommodation.

c. Cleaning Services

We take cleanliness seriously for both health and safety reasons but also for the common enjoyment of U City’s residents.

As part of our service we provide a free basic cleaning service once per week. You will be advised of the cleaning day (Monday to Friday) and the time for your apartment and are required to vacate your room during this time. Nonetheless you are responsible for keeping your apartment reasonably neat and clean and for disposing of your garbage in the commercial bins located in the common bin area.

Common areas are regularly cleaned by the U City cleaning staff. However, residents are required to maintain common areas clean.

Residents who are messy or dirty will be fined for the extra cost of cleaning and where necessary replacing equipment or furniture that cannot otherwise be cleaned and returned to the condition at which it was delivered to you at the start of your rental agreement.

Each apartment is provided with waterproof fitted mattress protection sheets. You should clean these regularly to protect your mattress. You will be charged for the replacement cost of your mattress in the event that it is soiled, spoiled or otherwise damaged through misuse.

d. Internet

High Speed Fiber Internet with both wired and wireless connection is offered free of charge at U City Residences. It is important to note that in case of internet connection abuse the connection may fail to provide access to the internet, in some cases it may cause termination of the users’ internet access.

e. Maintenance Services

If you encounter a maintenance problem, you must contact U City either through the website or by emailing:

Any damage which is a result of normal wear and tear will be handled by our maintenance team. We endeavor to carry out repairs within 3 working days from the time of notification. Emergency repairs will be seen to as soon as possible.

You will be charged for the costs of repairing or replacing property that suffers damage as a result from carelessness or from misuse or mistreatment of equipment and furnishings.

f. Parking Facilities

U City Residences offers rooms with pre-allocated spaces at a cost of €200 per annum.

Parking by Residents in the reserved visitors’ spaces is strictly forbidden unless permission has been granted to you by U City.

g. Mail Services

Mail is delivered to reception and the recipient notified to collect it. Residents are responsible to know their correct mailing address and apartment number.

h. Lock- Out

Please take special care of your keys. If you lock yourself out of your room or lose your access card during office hours (Mon-Fri: 08:00-19:00), you can contact U City Reception or send us a message either through the website or by email: to arrange access or a replacement card. Replacement cards cost €50.

Should this unfortunate event occur outside normal working hours/ at the weekend or public holidays then U CITY should be contacted either through the website or by email: In such case the resident will be charged a fee of €100 in addition to the card replacement cost.

Any access problems or due to faulty cards, keys and key locks (and not due misuse or tampering) will be rectified or replaced at no charge.


a. Check-In / Check-Out Procedure

Upon entry to an apartment, a tenant must report any problems within 24 hours of check-in. Any damage to the apartment or to the furnishings must be communicated by email. Before vacating the apartment at the end of the tenancy, the U City Reception Office will conduct a Check-Out in order to re-examine the condition of the apartment and furnishings and make a note of any damage that may have occurred during a tenant’s stay. These will then be deducted from the security deposit.

b. Damage to U City Residences Property

Residents are held responsible for any damage they might cause to the U City Residences Property, furnishings and equipment and will be charged accordingly. Charges for damages are based on repair or replacement cost. To ensure fair treatment in all damage assessments, a process involving an investigation hearing has been established.

Residents are also responsible for all public areas that are common such as corridors, staircases, elevators, the common room, reception area, gym, laundry room, parking places, etc. Residents are urged to immediately report persons responsible for causing any damages. CCTV security systems are in operation in the common areas.

c. Moving Furniture

All residents are responsible for the proper care and the condition of their apartments.

Furniture/appliances may not be moved from one apartment to another. Charges will be imposed for damage or loss of furniture and appliances. Drilling holes in the walls is strictly prohibited.

d. Fire Safety

We treat the safety of our tenants as of paramount importance. In order to ensure fire safety, each apartment is equipped with a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors and fire alarm bells are placed on every floor. The fire equipment should be used only in emergency situations.

Students must inform U City in the case they have used the fire extinguisher, so that it may be refilled as soon as possible by the technical services. Fire extinguishers are inspected on a regular basis by independent consultants. Any misuse or tampering of fire safety equipment by any resident will result in disciplinary action and a fine of €500.

e. Smoking and Vaping Restrictions

Smoking and Vaping and use of any similar type of device is strictly forbidden in all rooms and all enclosed common areas. Smoking and Vaping is only allowed  outside in the common grounds. This policy also applies to guests. Persons found to have breached these restrictions will be subject to disciplinary proceedings and fines. A repeated offence could result in immediate expulsion and the loss of the rental deposit.

f. Prohibited items

In order to ensure your safety, the following items are strictly prohibited from the premises:

Firearms, hunting bows/arrows, fighting knives, acid, candles, gasoline or other flammable items, recreational drugs or any other items generally perceived as weapons.

g. Pets

Due to health standards and possible inconvenience to other residents, no animals or pets of any kind are to be housed or kept in the apartments or common areas.

h. The Right to Entry

The U City Residences Staff reserves the right to enter an apartment without notice or permission from the residents to perform routine maintenance inspection and carry out repair services.

Furthermore, the U City Residences Staff reserves the right to inspect an apartment, if there is reasonable cause to believe that the tenant is in breach of contract or that the apartment contains any of the prohibited items mentioned in the above paragraphs.

Cleaners have the right to enter apartments in compliance with our room cleaning policy.

i. Utilities

The Utilities of electricity, internet and water are provided free of charge by U City Residences, within reasonable limits. Any tenant found to be abusing these facilities will incur additional charges.

j. Guest Policy

Residents have the right to accept up to 3 guests at a time between the hours of 7am-12am midnight. Guests must vacate the premises by midnight.

Residents may have up to a maximum of one guest for overnight stay. However, the duration of stay of any guest may not exceed 3 days in any calendar month. Where a resident wishes to have a guest stay for longer periods, he/she must obtain the approval of U City. Additional rental charges will apply.

Occupants may not rent or sublease the apartment to a third party.

Residents are responsible for their guests complying with these policies and procedures and any breaches by their guests will be considered breaches by the tenant and subject to the relevant disciplinary proceedings and fines as if they had committed the breach themselves.

Fines and/or expulsion may be imposed for breaches.

k. Noise

In order to ensure a reasonable and pleasant environment conducive to studying, all residents are required to limit the noise level to their apartment. Loud noise may disturb the studies or sleep of other residents, as well as the neighbors in the surrounding area. Loud noise or music that is heard outside of the apartment infringes upon the rights of neighbors and is not tolerated. Residents should first advise a noisy neighbor in a polite way before bringing complaints to U City. Our staff visit the buildings every evening and report incidences of breaches of the noise policy. Fines may be imposed for breaches. Continuing breaches may result in expulsion.


U City operates a video surveillance system in common areas and corridors to ensure the protection and security of the property, to identify breaches in policies and to ensure compliance with health, safety and cleanliness standards.

m. Payment Procedure

For a detailed description of the payment procedure at U City Residences, please refer to the Tenancy Agreement.

n. Delinquent Account

Payments not made by the due date may result in the following actions after the 7th calendar day:

i. Automatic lock out from premises and Smart Access Card De-activation

ii. Communication of the settlement problem with the Housing Office of your University or college.

iii. A late payment charge of €100 (if payment is remitted by the 10th Calendar Day).

iv. If Payment is not settled by the 11th Calendar day, immediate Termination of the Tenancy Agreement and eviction from the apartment, along with assessment of withdrawal charges (student will be charged for the whole contract).

o. Cancellation Policy

New students are entitled to cancel their reservation free of charge any time up to the 31st July prior to the commencement of their rental term and will have their deposits refunded to them. 50% of the deposit will be refunded in case of cancellation prior to 15th August. Deposits are not refundable for cancellations notified to U City after this date. For renewing students deposits are not refundable in case of cancellation.

Students who have signed a Tenancy Agreement and whose tenancy has commenced as per tenancy agreement will be held responsible for fulfilling all their financial obligations under the contract for the whole of the contract term.

p. Contract Renewal

Residents wishing to renew their rental agreement for a further year will be informed by email of the renewal period as well as the terms and conditions. Only the first 33% of current tenants will have the right to renewal, however U City reserves the right to deny renewal based on their own judgement.

q. Communication

U City Residences conveys messages, important notices and other relevant information through the website, personal memos, personal phone calls or meetings. It is the resident’s responsibility to read the memos and attend the meetings when required.

r. Complaints

A resident who wishes to report a complaint must contact U City by email or by using the support system. The complaint will be investigated, and the appropriate action will be taken.


A hard copy of the disciplinary procedure and any respective warning’s, fines, repair and replacement costs are available from reception on request.